Marvellous Macaron


Marvellous Macaron

This week I finally managed to make proper macaron thanks to the wonderful Cake Poppins and her macaron masterclass.


Millions of macaron

We made mountains of macaron (or macaroons whatever you prefer). Chocolate, hazelnut, peanut, lemon and raspberry combinations. They had perfect shiny shells with lift and actual feet! Beautiful and delicious. Unlike my previous Messy Macaroons!


Thank you Cake Poppins! I’m looking forward to attempting more macaroons asap!

Custard Wonderment in Portugal – Pastel de Nata and Bola de Berlim

Custard wonderment in Portugal - Donuts, tartes and pastries

Custard wonderment in Portugal – Donuts, tartes and pastries

I’ve somewhat neglected Sugar Tourist in the last few months. I hope you can forgive me. I’ve been buying a house. It’s almost a year since we visited Portugal now and one of my highlights is always the custard. When I was little we went as  a family to Portugal and bought enormous custard donuts from an old lady wandering the beach. That’s my kind of sandy snack.

Custard Donuts - Bola de Berlim

Custard Donuts – Bola de Berlim

I made a beeline for the custard counter and bought the lot. Bola de Berlim are my favourite.

Sun soaked and custard filled.

Sun soaked and custard filled.

Apple Strudel in Berlin

Apple Strudel in Berlin

A few days in Berlin turned into quite the culinary adventure. So much wonderful food! This was a delicious find in the Einstein Cafe with layers of pastry and a generous dollop of ice cream.

Violet Crumble – Australia

I absolutely adore Violet Crumbles and stock up my suitcase whenever I visit Australia. Think a smooth crunchy (if your English like me) or a smooth cinder toffee ( if you’re Northern like me!) or also known as good old honeymoon coated in chocolate!

Violet Crumble – The perfect chocolate cinder toffee

Homemade Kiwi Curd and Shortbread Tart

Homemade Kiwi Curd and Shortbread Tart -Sunday Baking

Of course no Sugar Tourist would be worth their salt if they didn’t also attempt some baking themselves… I do A LOT of international baking over on

This kiwi Curd tart was inspired by a glut of kiwis and my new favourite programme ‘ You Gotta Eat Here!’ which looks at the best places to eat in Canada. I replaced lemons with kiwis and used basic Shortbread instead of pastry et voila! Quick Kiwi Tart.

Bonjour from The Sugar Tourist!

I will be bringing you my favourite sweet treats, be that sweets, cakes, crepes, candy, and desserts from around the world. Exotic eats and unusual feats, everything relating to the wonderful world of SUGAR!

Enormous Apple Slice, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia