Violet Crumble – Australia

I absolutely adore Violet Crumbles and stock up my suitcase whenever I visit Australia. Think a smooth crunchy (if your English like me) or a smooth cinder toffee ( if you’re Northern like me!) or also known as good old honeymoon coated in chocolate!

Violet Crumble – The perfect chocolate cinder toffee

Homemade Kiwi Curd and Shortbread Tart

Homemade Kiwi Curd and Shortbread Tart -Sunday Baking

Of course no Sugar Tourist would be worth their salt if they didn’t also attempt some baking themselves… I do A LOT of international baking over on

This kiwi Curd tart was inspired by a glut of kiwis and my new favourite programme ‘ You Gotta Eat Here!’ which looks at the best places to eat in Canada. I replaced lemons with kiwis and used basic Shortbread instead of pastry et voila! Quick Kiwi Tart.